Change Activation

               We need to be as playful towards life as the limitless sky changes its shades before every night!!

Have you changed a bit since last year ?

Decade ? Childhood?

Why do you think one must change ?
Or why each year one is expected to change ?


Yes , for people who do not accept change as a way of life , it is a controversial issue to deal with.

Thinking of change there are so many different changes one can adapt to.
We understand each type of change but fail to adapt as the meaning of each change seems too much to undergo. We fear change as it requires our own peaceful state of relaxed mind and body wake up to do things differently. We hesitate to change as we look for easy outcomes. We disagree to change as we are head strong with our own biased opinions.

I have known change since my childhood. I have seen, observed and adapted it in different ways. Change has brought me improvement and opportunities. Change has helped me to bring in flexibility and focus. It made me most strongest to overcome uncertainty over the changing requirements.

Various changes one can adapt either one by one or all at a time.

This is my personal share on Change Activation through recent times. What’s yours? Make a data sheet for your own self. You may end up loving yourself even more than before!!

Spiritual – Sit for half an hour and think about the power of this universe.
Emotional – Let go of one hate that you carry in your heart.
Social – Scratch your creative side to help in towards the society.
Physical – Stretch your body completely on waking up.
Health – Add a pro biotic to your meal.
Diet – Skip a week of no junk.
Financial – Be a smart buyer.
Developmental – Each passing week brings in more ideas to make Learners Studio one of its kind leading platform towards learning.
Transitional – Design programs for young adults.
Personal – Nurture one hobby one hour daily.
Remedial – I stay away from chocolates.
Unplanned – This is most exciting. A change that we never knew would happen to us…

For a non functioning clock , it just needs a new cell to work… think of yourself as that clock. The tick tock tock cannot stop. To function well you just need your own desire. Enroll yourself towards this new theory of Change Activation and get passionate towards living your life with a new flavour!!!

Happy to write ?

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