Work towards ourSELF – STATUS & SOCIETY

I see a window, open

A road ahead, far

Another morning to rise, awake

A day to live up life, better!!

I see so many people are working towards betterment of SELF & STATUS & SOCIETY. Trying their best to educate people of the city. I applaud to them.

For me my books, teachers and parents were all to make me learn about

Social Duties

Emotional Attachment

Dignity of Self

Care for Environment

Respect towards Mankind

I absorbed all of it and was CAREFREE to enjoy my growing up years!!

But what I see nowadays ..
Most people are


Nobody cares Nobody listens


Everybody wishes Everybody craves

We all crave a change everywhere except in us

We all crave entertainment

We crave for holidays

We all crave an upliftment of offers from commercial sectors

We crave for good treatment from the service industry

We crave for recognition

We crave for motivation and appreciation

We crave for logic and explanation

We crave for never ending supply against our unlimited demand.

But in return do we give enough ??
Are we true citizens ?? True humans ??

Who lived beyond the wish of SELF!!

To see the change, Be true to self
To speak up is good
So is to Do up

Do your part
Be genuine

Be original

Be motivated

Be excited

Cause then it will naturally make you CAREFREE…

And your actions will eventually benefit your SELF your STATUS and OUR SOCIETY!! 

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