Encouraging the Pleasures of Reading in Children

Do you as a Parent like to Read? Parents set an example for their children to read. A child who has been read to, will want to learn to read herself. She will want to do so as her parents do. But if a child has never seen her parents pick up a book to read, she will not be desired to do so herself.

Reading has some KNOWN BENEFITS as everyone understands.
1. It is important for good school education understanding.
2. Builds a strong foundation in language and vocabulary that is expands use of oral language.
3. Emphasis Reading Skills.

Reading also has some very important HIDDEN BENEFITS in a child’s growing years.
1. Sharing to read a book together builds a warm and close connect between parent and child. You will Build a Bond.
2. Books can be companions at all times.
3. It exposes the child to new concepts and various information.
4. Reading builds an interest in children to write their own stories and poetries.
5. It increases a child’s level of comprehension.
6. Complex concepts of life, relationships and morals are understood by reading stories and fables.
7. Boosts Self Esteem and Confidence in children as being well read people look up to you for answers.
8. Reading aloud to older kids too helps them to raise curiosity and excitement about various subjects.

Its never too late to make a book your friend. Go ahead……READ…and your child will READ too!! 

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