Parental Guidance and Counselling

Parenting Solutions Available on Appointment

Healthy techniques of parenting enable parents to create a special bond with their child. We provide personal guidance, customized home worksheets, one to one parenting coaching and live sessions on Zoom.

Be an Emotional Coach to your child

  • Learn to become aware of your child’s behaviour, feelings, emotions, fears, likes and dislikes. It is the first step towards parenting.

Understanding tantrums and meltdowns in young kids

  • We help you find the ways to deal with tantrums by hearing out current situations and issues within the family and you take back corrective measures.

Bringing up a teenager

  • We understand the difficulties parents face as their child reaches teens. We help because we know our program gives the best advice and suggestive methods to bring up children happily and painlessly.

How to encourage kids to do daily chores

  • An all rounder child excels in school and helps with daily chores at home whenever possible. Even toddlers can be helpful at home. We train you to train your child.

Teach the Right ways to unlearn the Wrong learnt

  • A session for healthy parenting techniques and vital inputs as proper parenting is to be applied if your child has been in the wrong company or lacks behind in learning.

Be your child’s drawing guide

  • As parents, we need to learn that Art needs nurturing, space, collaborating ideas and takes time to grow. Spark your child’s imagination by taking up this workshop with us.

Motivational Workshops

  • Struggles to understand and adjust are part of every relationship, at every stage of life. The beauty is how we understand and overcome the fears and differences with our knowledge and wisdom of our values and beliefs. Hear us at Learners Studio Education for the same.