Management Workshops for Parents

Parents have been an integral part of Learners Studio. Through various sessions they are given training to improve and sharpen their abilities to smooth out family life and even their careers.

Understanding Parenthood

  • Being parents is a big responsibility. Fulfil it with genuine interest and priority to mould your child towards an all rounded personality.

Anger Control in Challenging Situations

  • Dealing with aggression in children and anger in us is the best way to control a tense situation at home. We help you adapt the behavioural changes required for a healthy home environment.

Getting organised

  • Learn to live a simplified life by turning minimal, avoiding stress and keeping up an organised home and routine.

Time your day productively

  • Most of the parents remain busy with tasks throughout the day, finding very little time to connect to their child. Are you one of them? If yes, approach us to brush up your time management skills.