We are adults, we know so much!! With the Winter withering away, Spring peeps us up with blooms and breeze. With Summer we sulk and crave for the Summer Retreats. The sun engulfs us with warm rays, scorching heat, sweaty palms and chilled water quenching our thirst.

We as an adult make ourselves comfortable under all skins, circumstances, situations, episodes, groups and events.

We know the tricks to ease out little tensions, blow away an annoying company , distant ourselves from rigid souls and form a group with likeminded company.

We do this for Our Peace of Mind. Our Space and Well Being. Our Happiness and Solace. Our Contentment and Serenity.

And we believe we are adults, we know so much!!

In a growing child, the emphasis of learning is stressed on 5 major scales.
Intellectual Development that is Mental Sharpness and Information Processing. Social Development that is Interaction with Others and Value Learning. Emotional Development that is Ability to Regulate behaviour and Attain maturity. Physical Development that is Healthy growth and Control over the body. Aesthetic Development that is Expressions of art and style.

Let’s carry the similar development ahead from a child to adult and look into yourself and evaluate on our own.
SOCIALLY Do we respect our culture? Do we value and respect time? Are we open to meeting new people? Can we have a smooth conversation? Can we overcome depression and anxiety? Do we stay calm in troubles? Are we focussed? Do we build positive rapport around us?Are we conscious of our self exposure and discloser?

EMOTIONALLY  Do we carry a positive image about ourselves? Do we value our relationships?Are we leading a healthy life style?Do we stay committed to our role as a parent?Are we sensitive to the needs of elders?

INTELLECTUALLY  Are we able to deal with the complexities of life? Do we differentiate right from wrong? How do we rate our problem solving skills?

PHYSICALLY Are we fit and exercise regularly? Is our muscle strength appropriate to our age? Have we turned sensitive to sound and sight? Do our hair and skin feel radiant? Do we feel shifts in memory, anxiety and interest?

AESTHETICALLY Are we thinkers? Is our work original? Do we create for self satisfaction? Are we honest? Do we leave aside grudge, prejudice and comparison to nurture our family?

Through education and society we have learnt a lot of conciousness, inseperable humanity and gathered ample information. Yet in our lives we have oceans of knowledge to be imparted to reach the horizons of fulfilment. So try to be as real and commited to our self, our family, our work and society.

Cause though we are adults, we don’t know so much!!!
Happy Reading & Evaluating!! 

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