IMPRINTS OF INNOCENCE where are we heading to??

IMPRINTS OF INNOCENCE where are we heading to??

I have mixed feelings in my mind as I write about the Imprints of Innocence.

I question myself?

Fear leads to Lies?

Action aggravates Reaction?

Threat arouses the Regret?

By now I have made your mind too mixed up with the WONDER that what does all this mean??
Think of your child at age ONE. You had the patience to hold his hands and teach to walk.
At age TWO , you held a spoon to teach him eat.
At age THREE, the garden slide seemed a roller coaster , but you held him and taught him to slide down.
At age FOUR, the bank of words started building.
At FIVE , came in the power plays with swimming and skating in action.
At SIX , you wanted a routine for study.
At SEVEN, you encouraged him to start raising his hand for participation at school level.
At EIGHT, he became mightier than before and so your expectations build another floor.
At NINE, you reminded him that now he will turn 10!!
At TEN, you enrolled him with various activities trying to derive a brainchild with magical powers to perform.
At ELEVEN, you questioned yourself if those activities were enough or he needed more??
At TWELVE, he showed signs of maturity and it pleased you a little but scared your heart out with his growing physic.
At THIRTEEN, you discussed with your friend how to deal with TEENS!!
At FOURTEEN , you knew that your child is a replica of you or your hubby but with some added qualities.
At FIFTEEN, the innocent factor was fading, the imprints you wished your child walk on, had several other footsteps. His friends, your neighbours, few cousins, few teammates, all had posted on his LIFE PAGE a view, a comment, a like, a dislike!!
Your child by then is in GRADE 10. You dread it, your entire focus of life changes, your entire day goes through an evolution as your child will be giving BOARDS!! Your talks, your expressions, your beliefs, your actions are controlled. You can’t let a day go waste of your child cause each day holds hours!! Hours to study, hours to read chapters, hours to solve sums, appear for tests, and be ready for examinations.
That’s where the stress factor starts to build in. The calmness of home environment becomes a battlefield. The softness of our tone is now filled with aggression!! Why?? Because it’s 10th and you can’t afford to waste a minute!!!!!!
The imbalance starts between our expectations and our child’s performance. Our relationship starts to lose connectivity. Your child might fear your reaction and lie to hide one of his action. You regret his state and fire him with a threat. That’s enough. You have done exactly what you are never supposed to do. Distant him this way. And this leading to regret on your end too.
All that is needed is to hear out, stay close to his needs, listen when required and advice when necessary.
Few tabs would help.

1. Keep the home environment happy.

2. Serve food that he relishes with a dash of your favourite veggies.

3. Keep the social bugs away.

4. Keep the home lighted and airy.

5. Stock on some healthy munches.

6. Provide a flow of chopped fruits, fresh juices, coolers and dry fruits as fillers for the day.

7. Be around to give him a hug and a hearty talk and drop him back to his study desk.

The imprints of our teachings will be imbedded in our child forever if done by love, faith, trust, security and care.
Similarly, The imprints of innocence will hold sweetness, honesty, bonding, attachment and loyalty till our children breathe in space, are allowed playtime with their burden of study routine and will hold their innocence and naturalness and remain stress free till we give them the Best of Ourselves!! That’s where we all should look out to.

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