The fragrance of arrogance & attitude is seen through your eye contact

The fragrance of arrogance & attitude is seen through your eye contact.

The way a person looks to you or connects through the eye contact has nothing to do with the car you own, the jewels you dispose or the profession that earns to amples and loads.

Some identities naturally, scarcastically identify themselves in the bracket of snooty people.

Being professional competent or not , you can spray your arrogance far, wide and next door.

Is that YOU?
Do you avoid eye contact ?
Do you miss to exchange a smile purposefully ?
Do you wait to be greeted?

Get rid of it all.
Nothing is ever achieved this way.

If you have any day visited a temple, you will notice the first sight as you step in … is the idol of God. The eyes are straight on the main door.
This is the welcome look.
If you have noticed, putting your child to school the first day, the teacher would be standing on the door , happily greeting each child as they walk in.
This is the assurance look.

If you are a Trainer, an Employer, a Teacher, a Coach, anybody with a position that educates the masses… look into the mirror and ask yourself…DO YOU AVOID EYE CONTACT???

Can’t you do a simple eye contact to the person walking in to your premises to receive training from you?
Can’t you smile to the client who has walked in to your store or office?
Can’t you create an eye contact and greet them with a hello??
What are you trying to measure while you restrict yourself ?
The persons wealth ?
The persons looks ?
The persons dressing ?
The persons attitude ?

It’s a major failure on your part to be accepted as a trainer or educator or employer if you fail this simple task of making your client feel wanted and welcomed.

Appreciation and Eye contact , both are the vital connections to form relations outside of a relationship.
You may not be related to each other, yet it’s maximises your warmth and makes you a grounded and connected person.

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