Dad Dearest

Papa, Dad, Daddy, Papaji, Papu, Pops….Dear Father, you are called by your loving child by these sweet names. A dad’s play with the child is generally active, physical and motivational. Fathers have been contributing to child’s growing by taking them to doctor visits, sharing drop offs and pick ups, helping with homework, taking kids to a bookstore or just for a good drive.

Children always love playing the activities with their father where they are running, jumping, throwing or catching. Its fun for them in games involving stretching, bouncing, sliding, balancing and building. Out door sports involving swimming, splashing, dancing and cycling too become more enjoyable in the company of Dad.

Learners Studio suggests interesting games Fathers can play with kids.

1. Toss it with a Towel – This game requires four people. Team up, with each pair holding an open bath towel between them. Try to toss and catch a light weight ball from towel to towel. Count how many times you can toss the ball back and forth before it hits the ground.

2. Name that tool – Daddy sits on a chair, blindfolded. Place a tool box in front of him and open it. One at a time the kid picks up a tool without naming the tool and describes it to dad. Daddy must guess the tool according to the description.

3. What’s in the dad’s wallet – This can be a group game at a birthday party. Let each child guess and write 10 things they think are in their dad’s wallet. Kids will score one point for each item.

4. One Hand Each,The Other Tied -In a group, the father’s right hand is tied to his child’s left hand. Now they have to perform a task like butter the bread, cut a square shape from a paper, wear a tie. It will be fun to see how the dad n kid pair up and manage to do the tasks.

Fathers give all the love and care you can to your kid and plan to spend happy days together.

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