Importance of Group Work in Children

Working together starts at a young age.  Pre-schoolers , Secondary and Primary children should be encouraged to work in groups to learn Self Awareness and Develop Group Skills.


1. Encourages sharing of materials provided.
2. Learns to wait for his turn.
3. They understand Snatching , Throwing , Pushing and Pulling is unfair.
4. A child builds Positive Relationships with his group mates.
5. Performance Appreciation in a group uplifts a child’s Self Confidence and Personality.


1. He recognises his role as a member of the group.
2. Helps child identify his performance.
3. It brings out personal difficulties faced by Self.
4. Learns to understand feelings of group mates.
5. When assigned duties – a child learns to recognise how other children are performing and contributing.

In today’s fast growing and highly competitive world let us as Parents, Teachers and Educators give opportunities to children to Explore, Imagine, Give, Grow, Involve, Appreciate and Perform  without the Pressure of Excellence.

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