Priorities and Preferences!!

How do we assemble them?

Can we group them?

Can we integrate them?

Who decides it’s order?

Who follows it the way we want?

Well, finding answers to questions that work inside the mastermind of a mother is not an easy task for all.


we stride,

we collide,

we congregate,

we amalgamate,

we muster what matters,

we fabricate each task till night.

Our Priorities must remain our top most Preference in order to fulfill the duty of a mother.

Priorities to set home duties and educate our children towards discipline of study and play and orderly behaviour.

Once this role is achieved look around how your own self can be to recreate your inner abilities and talents.
List out what you like to think and do about, create a tree of abilities and then go ahead finding the chord to set up your image or identify.

You could be a mother who is always home for her kids.

You could be running a Salon Service balancing it with the needs of home.

You could be a part time service provider in the Corporate, returning home on the arrival of your child from school.

You could be a designer, an agent, a writer, a teacher, a therapist, a trainer who sets work time, days and dates in accordance with your child’s needs and routine.

You could be an entrepreneur who has the hold of meetings and programs in her power so that they don’t clash on with the time needed for your child.
It’s achievable to follow the dream of OUR PREFERENCES AND PRIORITIES when we set the moulds of house needs first into place and secondly when we stitch the threads of our children’s needs before us.

I have tried it and it worked for me.
Do you wish to follow it?

Go ahead…




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