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SUPPORT TO SUSTAIN is a whats app non chargeable Helpline for readily available answers to your queries, questions, puzzles and quizzes on dealing with your own child. Many a times, the answers are very easy to understand… You just need the right guidance at the right time.
Going through the various approaches of the past few weeks, I share with you quick tips to use when you sit with your child helping around with homework.


When your child sits for his homework, do the following

1. Keep your cell phone away.

2. Have a Lighted atmosphere near the study table, preferably natural light and air whenever possible.

3. Have his/her hunger fulfilled, so a glass of lemonade or a fruit before homework peeps up energy in a child.

4. Decide the homework to be done with you and it’s time frame.

5. Keep a clock on the child’s table or in the room for easy viewing of time.

6. While reading the textbook, Mark each word with a pencil that he/she cannot pronounce or does not know the meaning.

7. Find the meaning together. For quick answers use google dictionary else our very handy Oxford.

8. Explain the word to your child with examples.

9. See to it that you do not rush the learning nor encourage rewriting over the words to finish off fast.

10. Be calm and patient while the homework is being completed.

Children live on Gratification. It’s a natural want. Follow me with my page on Facebook for the next query in line…

Till then prepare yourself with the answer for –

“What is the source of enjoyment for your child.?”

Think about the answers till I see you on the next post!!

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