The harsh glare of the Sun along with the Innocent stare of your Little one.

How harsh is the Sun?

 Remember the time you gave birth to your child and the moment your MOM saw your baby and you. Could you see your mom’s eyes exhibiting joy or was she wearing her sun glasses where you could see her presence and only the movement of her hands.
Wondering why I’m addressing you with this???
It has been a very evident notice over the years that parents of young children, especially mothers, keep on wearing their sun glasses even when they are dropping off their child to school or an activity centre during the sunny days.
It’s a moment of parting.
A mother child bond is very pious. Above all. Whenever you leave your child for a momentary time for going away and returning back in few minutes or hours…look into your child’s eye.
The eye contact is extremely important.
The eye is a mirror to your heart. Your heart gives the assurance to your child that you will be back soon….but that can only be seen directly through your eyes…NOT your sun glasses.
Its only a matter of few minutes for you to bear the sun… How harsh do you think is the Sun for those few minutes!!
If you expect your child to bear the parting, the child too wants to look into your eyes for warmth and assurance that you will be back soon. And this will keep your child happy till you unite again.
Your child is young….very young. They do not have the power in mind to tell you what I’m trying to convey.

Read it with an open mind.

Warm Regards                                           Shital Shah                                            Learners Studio

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